Exhibition created by Ana Kuzman

Exhibition design by Ana Kuzman, Šime Fabris and Damir Rašpolić

Duration: from January 30, 2015

About the exhibition: Two indigenous species of fresh water turtle live in the Republic of Croatia: the Balkan pond turtle or Mauremys rivulata and Emys orbicularis, the European pond turtle. The European pond turtle can be found in almost the whole of the area of the Republic of Croatia (in the inland, along the coast and on some of the islands), while the Balkan pond turtle lives only in Dubrovačko-neretvanska County. Both of them are strictly protected by the Nature Protection Law, while the Balkan pond turtle has the status of endangered species. People and their activities are most to be blamed for the reduction of the number of individuals in the population and the disappearance, degradation and fragmentation of the habitats of these species. There are countless examples of such activity, such as the regulation of water courses, urbanisation, failure to keep up habitats, introduction of invasive alien species, the concreting of banks and so on.

A catalogue of the exhibition is available in the museum shop.