Exhibition created by Ana Kuzman

Exhibition design by Ana Kuzman and Maja Kovačević

Duration: from March 17, 2014

About the exhibition: The exhibition presents a group of invertebrates that includes very diverse individuals, fascinating in their shapes and colours, that we can find in all kinds of habitats in freshwater, saltwater and on land. But the current exhibition covers only marine representatives of the group – bivalves, snails and cephalopods. Although their name, mollusc, (Lat. moluscus – soft) characterises their soft bodies, one of their main characteristics is the hard shell that they secrete. The name of the exhibition is inspired by the sound of waves, the murmur of the seas, “captured inside them” they transmit when they are held close to the ear. The murmur actually is created by the air flowing through, or in fact, reverberating against the sides of the shell. The exhibition shows the history of collecting and the most noteworthy collectors, and the general characteristics of molluscs, the categories of them and so on. One special unit shows representatives of molluscs from the Adriatic Sea as well as protected Adriatic species.

The exhibition catalogue is available in the museum shop.