Exhibition created by Jadranka Sulić Šprem

Exhibition design by Jadranka Sulić Šprem and Maja Kovačević

Duration: from January 22, 2013

The exhibition is dedicated to natural historians and preparators who from the founding of the museum have taken part in the assembly of the ichthyological collection. The opening of the exhibition commemorated the 140th anniversary of the opening of the Patriotic Museum. As the title tells us, the exhibition represents the ichthyofauna of the waters around Dubrovnik, the first list of which was published in 1903. In his paper Fish of Dubrovnik, Baldo Kosić listed 191 species, and today, as a result of more intensive research, the number of fish species is much greater. The exhibition presents about 70 species that are to be found in the waters around Dubrovnik, whether they are common like the mullet  or rare like the porbeagle shark. As well as museum preparations from the old collection, also shown are preparations acquired in the last two years.

A catalogue of the exhibition is available in the museum shop