Collection of Algae

The Collection of Algae of Dubrovnik Natural History Museum is a gathering of several private collections; the work of collecting even predates the founding of the Patriotic Museum. Matija Botteri collected algae along the coastline from Dubrovnik to Lošinj between 1865 and 1867. Maritime engineer Petro Vidojević, from 1878 to 1881, gathered algae along the shores from Korcula to Rijeka. His herbarium was donated to the Museum by his widow, Jenni, in February 1905, at the time Baldo Kosić was active, as shown by his register. Apart from that there are several specimens of algae collected by the first Croatian female botanist, Marija Selebam de Cattani (1789-1870).

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Dermochelys coriacea

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