Exhibition created by Daniela Hamidović and Roman Ozimec

Duration: from March 17, 2009, to January 21, 2013

About the exhibition: Dubrovačko-neretvanska County lies in the Dinaric area, a highly weathered Dinaric karst platform and the only part of the biogeographical region of the Southern Dinarides in Croatia, stretching from the Neretva River to Albania. Accordingly there is no surprise in there being in the county numerous speleological structures of exceptional dimensions and importance. Gromačka Cave (2001 m) by Gromača and Močiljska Cave (938 m) by Osojnik are geomorphological monuments of nature. Speleological structures stand out for their diverse and rare cavernicolous habitats and the very rich cavernicolous fauna. Thanks to extensive investigations of 33 type sites in the area of the county, 14 genera have been described, with 55 species and 13 subspecies of cavernicolous fauna. The exhibition has uncovered something of the hidden cave heritage of Dubrovačko-neretvanska County.