Preserved Natural Beauty of the Adriatic Sea

Exhibition created by Milvana Arko-Pijevac

Duration: from March 17, 2009, to September 7, 2009

About the exhibition: A visiting exhibition from the Rijeka Natural History Museum shows ambiental and macro underwater photographs of the “Preserved Natural Beauty of the Adriatic Sea”. Croatian and foreign underwater photographers convey their experience of the Adriatic underwater world in its contrasts, the merging of vivid colours, figuring the diversity of forms. The exhibition is meant for the general public, in the wish to share its vision of the still surviving beauty with those to whom the depths of the sea are inaccessible, and to draw attention to the need for the protection and preservation of the Adriatic submarine world for future generations


Under Pressure

  • Riječna kornjača

Balkan Pond Turtle

  • Šum mora

Murmur of the Seas

  • Tko su lesepsijski migranti?

Who are the Lessepsian Migrants?

Fish of the Dubrovnik Area

  • Zaštićene vrste

Protected Species

  • Dermochelys coriacea

Dermochelys coriacea

  • Gyotaku


Let’s Dive

Under Pressure

The Balkan pond turtle

To the Honour of the City

Murmur of the Seas

Fish of the Dubrovnik Region

With compound eyes

Vietnam from North to South

Who Are the Lessepsian Migrants?

Metamorphosis of Plants

Secrets of the Karst

Marine Blues

The Finest Astrophotography

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